Who Should Apply

The Virginia Progressive Leadership Project specifically recruits, supports and trains people of color, women, people who identify as LGBTQ, immigrants, young people and people from working-class communities.

VAPLP is specific in the people we serve because we understand that gender, race,

ethnicity, economic status, age, and sexuality often limit a person's access to leadership

development opportunities. We believe that everyone should see themselves reflected

in the leadership of our communities, non-profit organizations, and elected officials.

"Street Speaking" Cameron Bell, Cohort 4


Women are often vastly under-represented in leadership positions, we are committed to closing the gap by supporting women leaders.

People of Color

People of color make up over thirty-percent of Virginia's population, we believe leadership at all levels in the Commonwealth should reflect the growing diversity of our state.


Diversity is not limited to race and gender. We believe leadership should reflect a diversity of experiences, sexual orientations, gender identity and expression, class, education levels, abilities, geographic locations, and origins. Our goal is for leadership in Virginia to reflect the full diversity of the people who live here.

Limitations to participation: anyone under the age of 18, elected officials, current candidates for political office, or anyone who does not identify as progressive.