Tierra Ragland- Director

Tierra joined our team in 2017 and serves as director of the Virginia Progressive Leadership Project.

She is responsible for recruitment, interviews, and developing the overall mission and goals of the program. Tierra also attends and co-facilitates each training weekend.



Jasmine Jones- Director of Alumni Support

Jasmine joined our team in 2018 and serves as director of the Alumni Support project.

She is responsible for continued engagement with leaders once they graduate from the program. She organizes and facilitates additional trainings specific to the needs of our alumni.



Sutisha Simluang- Program Manager

Sutisha joined our team in 2018 as an intern and transitioned into program manager upon graduating from VCU in May 2018.

Sutisha is responsible for the logistical and administrative operations of the program. She makes sure everyone has what they need to make each event a success.



Krysta Eason- Communications Intern

Krysta joined our team in April 2019 as the communications intern.

She is responsible for managing our social media, working on engagement and providing consistent content for all platforms. She also helps provide graphics for events, and any other needs.