VAPLP Cohort 4


The Virginia Progressive Leadership Project ("VAPLP") was founded in 2015, with the unique mission to recruit, train and support leaders who reflect the diversity of our beloved state. VAPLP intentionally selects leaders from communities that are often underrepresented in nonprofit leadership and state government. 

A Progressive Approach:

The Virginia Progressive Leadership Project ('VAPLP') is a four-month-long intensive leadership

development program. Each cohort consists of thirteen to twenty leaders from across Virginia.

Each training weekend is dedicated to a specific set of interactive skill-building training exercises.

VAPLP is provided at no cost to our participants because we understand that cost is often a barrier

to participation in leadership development opportunities. We also provide child-care and

transportation resources.


Leadership development through interactive trainings

Our trainings are held one weekend a month for four months.


Each weekend is dedicated to a different theme. Our trainings focus on building independent political power, storytelling, how values are reflected through leadership, principals of organizing, fundraising,  the importance of diverse leadership and so much more. 


Cohort members are given access to a mentor support team to help achieve their leadership goals.  The mentors are selected to meet the specific needs of their mentees. Our mentors go through a selection and orientation process. Our mentors are experienced leaders in a variety of areas including but not limited to nonprofit executive directors, union leaders and policy decision makers.